Love the planet with a cup of coffee!

Veronica Muñoz

Finca Nuestro Sueño has been in my family for more than 60 years. My grandfather worked hard and he love this farm deeply. My only wish is to continue his legacy and improve our production of coffee. Everyone loves a good quality cup of coffee; but many people cannot tolerate caffeine including myself. That's why I got inspired and created the Organic and Sustainable Coffee Tica. I discovered the real issue was not the caffeine it's the artificial pesticides and fertilizers that alters the natural flavors in the coffee. Today I am proud to introduce a coffee with a classic flavor profile that is balanced, with intense citrus, harmonizing with sweet chocolate notes and clean on the palate. These organic and sustainable coffees have a unique natural process to enhance good digestion in your body so people like me and you can enjoy the experience of drinking coffee and feel great.

Why Coffee Tica? This coffee comes from one of the most beautiful countries in the world Costa Rica. People from Costa Rica are named "Ticos" and since I am proudly a farmer and producer from Costa Rica I am a "Tica". This is how Coffee Tica was born.

Carlos Muñoz

Coffee is a life style for me and my family. I grew up very close to our farms because my grandparents were both producers of coffee. My family has always been involved and believe that coffee is more than just a product. For so many years we used to only take the coffee to the collection location and be paid for the cherry fruit. I am glad that now we are processing our coffee through all the steps until it reaches our final customer. This brings satisfaction for all the hard work I put every week at the farm because I know that customers value our job and dedication when they buy coffee directly on our website.

Julian Arroyo Muñoz

Coffee lover but specially bird lover. Working in my grandfather's farm with my cousins for the last three years have been very rewarding for me. I enjoyed every week going to the farm and learning many lessons from nature. I have made up a commitment to myself to bring more bird species to the farm. I am planting different kinds of trees that are friendly homes for birds. I feel happiness every time I am working at the farm and I can hear birds singing. I get curious to find out more about their scientific names and how improves the process of producing sustainable coffee by having animal life.